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Yo! I'm Rex. I'm a Barbadian artist, songwriter/producer, and multi-instrumentalist. I'm also one half of the production duo DreadHawk Productions with my former Cover Drive bandmate, Barry “Barman” Hill. Welcome to my official site! Browse, get to know me, snag some merch, and be sure to try out Jam mode!

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At 16, I left school in Barbados to become a professional musician. With three of my friends, we formed the band Cover Drive, and started our musical journey. From 2010-2018, we worked with top producers, scored three top tens on the UK official chart — including our #1 hit record, “Twilight." We earned platinum records, opened for Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson, toured the US college circuit (210 shows), created popular web series (Chasing Cover Drive and Weekend Lime), were featured on HGTV, and garnered over 170 million Youtube/Vevo views on our channel.

Now I'm doing my own thing! I dropped my debut EP titled, "#127 Solace" in 2021, and I just released my first album, "Secrets Behind Our Smiles" on 02/23!


A look back in time


Open for Rihanna (Loud Tour) & Lick Ya Down Released

Cover Drive opens for the Barbados leg of the "Loud Tour" on the heels of releasing debut single "Lick Ya Down!" #9 (UK Official Chart).


Cover Drive UK #1 & Open for Kelly Clarkson

#1 Single (UK chart) "Twilight”, Explode (#29), Sparks, (#4), Bajan Style LP (#15), Turn Up the Love w/ Far East Movement (#11). Tour with Kelly Clarkson on the UK leg of Stronger Tour!


Liming in Limbo EP Released

Cover Drive works with hit producers, Laconic, to produce their EP "Liming in Limbo".


Black Avalon US College Tour (210 shows)

Cover Drive tour the US college circuit across 37 states while recording their sophomore album "Fall Forward".


DreadHawk Productions Created

T-Ray and Barry team up to form the production duo "DreadHawk Productions."


Fall Forward Album Released

DreadHawk Productions produced Cover Drive’s second album, "Fall Forward."


Sayōnara, Cover Drive (the band ends)

After eight years, the band parts ways to explore solo pursuits.


ImReallyATRex (127 Solace Released)

ImReallyATRex releases his debut solo EP, 127 Solace, produced by DreadHawk Productions.

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